Election 2016: Finally, Jeb Bush says goodbye to Jeb!

After taking five whole days to lick his wounds, Former Gov. Jeb Bush — who droppedjebbush out of the Republican presidential race after he came in fourth in South Carolina Saturday — sent an email Wednesday thanking supporters for sticking by his lazy, Eyeore self and defending his lackluster campaign.

It’s probably the last email we’ll be getting from info@Jeb2016.com — unless there’s an endorsement coming later. Sen. Marco Rubio told reporters on Tuesday that he and his former mentor had spoken by phone and agreed to meet in the future.

“He’s just decompressing from this election,” Rubio is quoted as saying. “And trying to get going again in the rest of his life.”

We guess that begins by sending the saddest political email Ladra has ever read. It’s also as exciting and engaging as the Bush campaign. Exactly. After you read this, you have to think “no wonder.”

Here is Jeb’s goodbye email in its entirety:

“Dear Friend,

I wanted to take just a moment to thank you for all your hard work on my behalf. While the result was not what we had hoped, we communicated very important ideas and campaigned true to the belief that the Republican nominee must be hopeful and optimistic.

Every step of the way, we offered solutions to problems and I spoke out for what I believe, even if that meant I was the only one on the trail willing to challenge the voices of division and demagoguery.

Through your support, you lent strength and conviction to our effort and in particular to the policy ideas for greater economic growth and national security preparedness that we know are so important to the future of our great country.

Despite the results, I still believe we can make this the greatest time to be alive if we fix a few big things, and I will continue to fight for that as a private citizen.

Columba and I appreciate your support and will always remember your steadfast friendship.



Onward, indeed. No hint as to who he might back in the important race or what he may be doing as a private citizen. But Ladra forsees some kind of foundation or something. He really can’t go back too the private sector now that he doesn’t have a presidency or other public office in his near future.

Stay tuned. At the very least, we’re going to want to know how he votes on March 15.

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