Friends and family Plan B: Carlos Gimenez’s sister-in-law

We’ve all just figured out what Plan B is for the family and friends of Miami-Dade Carlos Gimenez should 13450159_1092825434096509_7083409250831520307_nhe get fired by voters and lose his seat at County Hall in August: Get another seat on the school board.

The mayor’s sister-in-law filed documents earlier this month to run for the Miami-Dade School Board in the seat vacated by Raquel Regalado, who is running against Gimenez. How convenient. I mean, we wouldn’t want any of the Gimenez children to have nowhere to go for handouts. Where would his millionaire friends get their game-changing grants? And his contractor buddies would have to actually compete for work? Shudder the thought.

Sure, sure, I am helping Raquel with her campaign to become the first female mayor of Miami-Dade County. Because it’s about time. Because she has a proven track record at the fourth largest school district in the country. And because she is the best alternative we have to Carlos Gimenez, who lies to the people and gave a $4 million no-bid contract to his son and finds jobs and business for his buddies and million-dollar subsidies for his campaign contributors.

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But guess what? I would have been against Mari Tere Rojas anyway.  Ladra would not have believed in the integrity of this surprise candidate nonetheless and would not be — surprise, surprise — impartial.

And guess what? None of that makes what you’re about to read any less true. But since nobody else points out the obvious, the job is left to Ladra.

It’s going to be hard to run a campaign against Rojas. I mean, she’s probably raised $100,000 already. Yes, that’s a lot for a first time candidate. And, no, it isn’t because she was been a teacher and principal at elementary schools for 30 years.

Lourdes Gimenez and CJ Gimenez say words at Mari Tere Rojas' kick-off

Lourdes Gimenez and CJ Gimenez say words at Mari Tere Rojas’ kick-off

Not a lot of first-time candidates have their kick-offs at the Biltmore Hotel, where Rojas had her first shindig last week (you can see all the usual suspects in her Facebook pics). Not a lot of first-time candidates have the mayor’s wife and son, a known lobbyist, introduce her. Not a lot of first-time candidates — even longtime educators — have the golden, grabby hands of Brian Goldmeier, the mayor’s professional fundraiser, shaking the trees for them.

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Goldmeier’s probably already made calls to people who have maxed out on the mayor’s campaign. “Hey, here is another way you can help Carlos Gimenez.” Wink, wink. Nod.

So, who is going to want to go up against that?

His name is Richard Tapia. He is a Miami Dade College professor and former public school teacher. And I expect to be learning more about him in the next few months and sharing that with you all. Because, as we have established, Ladra is not impartial. And the fact that he is not connected to the corrupt Gimenez cottage industry is a good thing.

But, hey, now the mayor’s wife or one of his daughters-in-law can run for a city of Miami commission seat.