Local Latinas come out for Trump with Brickell event

Not all Hispanics are offended by billionaire Donald Trump’s comments about Mexicans and stance on immigration. unnamed (4)In fact, some Latinas just love him.

And they will show their love at a Latinas For Trump event in Brickell Tuesday.

Organized by Denise Galvez of Go To Marketing, the event is not a Trump campaign paid event. He is not a client. It was organized by volunteers.

“It’s not because I hate Hillary or love Trump. I’m just sick of politicians,” Galvez said. “I think he needs to surround himself with good, intelligent people who together can actually put the interests of our country first. I am sick of all the extremes as well.

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“There’s a lot of hate being spewed and accusations of racismtrump2 just because people support him. It’s awful. Most people who are supporting him are independent and just want someone who puts our country first,” she said.

“We are not crazy racists like the media loves to depict. Many as a matter of fact are business owners and quite accomplished. We care more about the economy and jobs,” she said.

Latinos/Hispanics for Donald Trump has 20,000 friends on Facebook and 20,000 followers on Twitter. CBS News reported on some Hispanics who live along the Texas border campaigning for Trump or supporting him. While a majority of Hispanics are disapproving of Trump in almost all the polls, some surveys have him doing better among Latinos than Mitt Romney did in 2012 (but that should be easy). And yeah, while I definitely believe Hillary is getting more Hispanics than The Donald, there is no argument that Trump has higher Hispanic support than one would have expected.

brickell eatery“The event on Tuesday is about showing the face of Latinas who support him in this town,” Galvez said. It will be from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, June 7, at American Social Brickell, 690 SW 1st Court. But you should RSVP first at ComingOutTrump.eventbrite.com.

The first cocktail is on American Social.

“We are getting calls from others in his party to help them unite the Hispanics. We have people in Arizona and Washington state asking us to translate his materials for them because they have a lot of Hispanics supporting him.

“I think a lot more will come out in his support after Tuesday. I know many Republicans that have not come out because of the possible backlash from their party and colleagues,” she added.